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A Faith Of Fun And Cheer
2018-02-27 02:04:55 (UTC)


A brilliant and wise philosopher, theologian and mathematician who was born in Stonehenge to a maniacal toon [hominid] male as a sacrifice only to be rescued by a kindhearted nun and adopted by her, Fiona Levi (October 31, 960 - December 30, 1080) was a young girl who became the jester Zeta-Reticula at age three. During the Easter celebration of April 1 in 973, she wrote down the Parsi, a volume of angel worship with thirteen books. Surprisingly, Pope Sylvester II declared it a religion that Fiona Levi named "Wicca," -- in short, Angel Worship -- from her own language she used to mean, "universe.". The word was called "cosmos" and the language Gaelic -- written like Welsh and spoken like Manx. She devised 13 disciples each a Celtic Zodiac sign they were named and traveled as a caravan. She died at age 120 and became the Guardian Angel, taking the Heavenly place of Lucifer regarding Satan as a drunkard. She devised the Wiccan calendar with the same days and months of the Gregorian calendar beginning with April 1, the official name being April Fool's Day as Fiona Levi was a jester. The Four Holy Months of spiritual fasting are Beltane, Lammas, Samhain and Imbolc. She even devised the Morning Star as its symbol and utilize the "V" hand sign.

Yes, Wicca came from Ireland!