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2018-02-26 23:39:02 (UTC)

Home Maker Mode

Mood: contented, a little lonely
Song: Pompeii by Bastille
Color: Green

I've been in full on home maker mode today, I've done cleaning and chorse, errands, cooking and taking care of the kids.
Here is a list of things i've done today.
I made a cake from scatch a yellow cake with a chocolate frosting which i added recees pieces on top of.
I made Lunch for the girls(i wasn't hungry.
I finished writing a letter to Zoe, And mailed it, picked up the mail when i was at the post office, talked with Estebaliz for a long time today, i made dinner a home made chicken pot pie which is in the oven and will be ready soonish.
The girls want to camp out in the living room tonight and watch movies....i'm okay with that, i can drag the queen matress into the living room and tara's matress from up stairs, it's alway fun matress surfing down the stair case lol.

I remember that's one of the first things we did when we moved into this house B, Dad Tara, Emma and i Ridig the twin matresses down the stair case, it would be better if it didn't have a bend but still it wasn't a bad experience, it's memories.
I've had a few things the last few day's spark memories that i haven't though about in a long time.

Also i had a dream last night that Emma got hit by a car.....which completely tramatized me.....scares me to death the idea of that happening.
makes me not want to let the kid out of my sight....i'm not a parent but i am at the same time.
B, Amber, Me we don't have kids of our own but we are raising our siblings kids....because our siblings are selfish and stupid.

I feel like i'll be perfectly able to raise kids, take care of a home ect if i were to ever get marred( Not likely ) but yeah....
I mean i'd like to have kids of my own someday....that that day isn't now lol.
Now i have enough to keep up with.