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2018-02-23 16:07:20 (UTC)

Friday as the breeze warms our soul

Sitting here by this open window which is located close to the outside HVAC thing gives me the pleasure of hearing it turn on and off. I had thought for a long time that it was pretty darn loud....even loud n the hallway where the return is. I just figured that is what we get for buying a generic brand instead of a name brand when we bought it....he made the decision thinking he was saving a buck. But yesterday my son came home early and walked out there to check it out it was so loud. He came inside and got me husband who does live here and has heard it many times...even I have mentioned it....he would just nod his head and change the filter or something. But this time, he walked out there to investigate it with my son and then came in here to have me call Morris Jenkins. So, I did. They were here within an hour....and was not here long before it was fixed. No charge. No loud sound. It is freakingly silent. I slept so good last jumping on and off of the air conditioner or heating cause me to jump awake from it being so sudden and loud. Even in the house, it is quieter...I feel like I am in a
different environment.

So, sitting back in this recliner last night was a changed experience to feel the breeze of our warming temperatures....and being able to relax until my eyes closed...feeling more relaxed today....

I have showered, dressed and ready for my day. I am running by the bank to pay a bill, then driving by a house to see if it is close to where
our buyers want to be...and to make sure there is no gang bangers close by....or car motors hanging from ropes in driveway or sofas sitting on front porch with drunks drinking wine laughing and listing to loud music.

If I am not here again....I may have joined them....fell in love and started a new life, different breeze,,,,,new name.....etc.

later. ( maybe )