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2018-02-21 15:34:30 (UTC)

Sad days in North Carolina

Waking up to learn that the Rev. Billy Graham has passed away this morning overwhelmed me with sadness. This week was already hard.
But then I realized that this is what life is all about and Billy Graham taught us to know that the day we pass here is the day we walk into the door of out heavily home. Should that be a time to celebrate? Yes. It is sad to know someone has left us with only memories, but knowing that their journey is not yet over, but only began helps bring it to light and lifts the sadness from our hearts.

They put Heather's obit in the paper this morning. But it was short and simple. Her half sister not mentioned. Just her parents and her two sons. God I wish her dad had never married that woman who turned into the worse thing ever. Her own daughter refers to her as "mother dearest"...she was horrible to Heather...scaring her with movies of murder, children being killed..horror movies that no child should see...and not giving her comfort of any kind, just saying nasty mean hatful things to her instead. No wonder H grew up lost and confused...seeking love in other places. After her grandparents died, she dropped out of school....started working the streets with pimps...striping in clubs that do that type of was a clear textbook learning experience of why we should always be very careful who is in the lives of our children...I do not even think of Heather as an adult...I only remember her as a child...a child that I spent time with taking her swimming with my kids...she spent the nite with us sometimes. But as time past, things changed, that step mother appeared and I stepped one ever knows how the life of a child is until it is too late. Sad. But today, I remember the smile on her face when she crawled in my car....or on my lap...or we all sat in circles with blankets on the floor as I read books to with the death of Billy Graham, I am reminded that I tried my best, did my best and that is what I will remember about her. And I am praying for her dad and other family members as they get through this week...and begin to notice that the phone is not ringing any longer with her name popping longer will they hear her voice....only hoping that they will too reach farther back in her life and remember the days there was a smile on her face and a glow on her face when she heard the words that she was beautiful.....

I pray knowing those things will give them comfort....and know too that they did their best. We are not taught how to address evil nor do we expect it to come into our lives. When it does, we are stunned...numbed at the reality of it......we handle these things in different ways...
I kept trying to be the best parent to my own kids...and made sure that I was a little more stricter about whom they were with...and asked more questions....which made them upset at me sometimes....but I did it to keep them safe. That is our role as parents...and if something like this happens.....and we have to let them go on to heaven on that journey.....we can do that knowing we did our best...

The death of the greatest man to ever come out of North Carolina has given me insight on all this...
and I wanted to share.....

I am ok. thank you all for being so kind to me