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2018-01-31 04:18:07 (UTC)

Cinnamon Coffee

Mood: ugh Depressive
Song: none, But am listening to a documentary
Color: Copper

Today has been weird and i have just wanted it to be over, i feel like i have wanted at points to be around people and to laugh and just connect with people but when i have tried it's been cut off, or short words and just has not worked and so i have spent the after noon alone, and all of the morning with T and E, this evening i made dinner, did laundry and took care of Emma since she's seemed to have caught the stomach bug and has been throwing up, i typically get the job of taking care of this gross Job because i'm not that squeamish.
Not a fun job either way.
It's just after 10 which mean the kids will be going to bed soon and Everyone else will go off into their own corners and it can be another day "Over"

I just want to reach Friday.
not so much because i'm looking forward to Friday but because i want to get past Thursday... -_-
I want Thursday to be over and done and i don't want to have to think about it and i'm not saying why to anyone....
but i'll be so glad for it to pass...i have a lot of anxiety about it.
It's Tuesday night, tomorrow is Wednesday which will be a busy day which i'm looking forward to only in the sense that i will have multiple things to do and think about and hopefully the day will pass quickly and then Thursday will finally be here and then it can pass.
I know i probably sound ridiculous....yeah i know i do...but what ever. *Sigh*

Okay so...i know it's 10 something but i really want a cup of coffee...earlier i made cinnamon coffee and it was amazing...haha just add cinnamon to the coffee grounds before you brew the coffee it makes it really good, then you make your cup off coffee with a little sugar and half and half...yesss.
Felt like having dessert...i think i'm craving cinnamon things...now for some reason.
I like coffee, but i go through phases where i don't drink it for long periods of time, i'm just coming out of a phase where i haven't drank it, i had my first cup in a while today...it's almost February and the last time i remember having a cup of coffer was some time in December...so yeah.I have been drinking a lot more water, and i have had hot tea.

Can you believe it's almost the end of January? Can you believe I've managed to write everyday for a little over two months strait? Can you believe all that's happened in the past two months?
Gosh i'm ready for Friday and i'm ready For February....are you?

What are your feelings on the first month of 2018?
What do you hope February is like?