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2018-01-29 23:07:57 (UTC)

Monday evening

Woke up really feeling rough this morning so although I did nothing different, I took it easy today. Which showed me that I
take it easy everyday. At least that has been the routine for a while. With flu killing people and seeing people wearing make
I have to precautions by limiting my trips out into the public. Going to Ingles yesterday may have been a mistake.

I took the Emergent-C and liquid vitamins and cold medicine and some Ibuprofen for this headache. But did very little today.

I pay a monthly fee to be able to log into the local newspaper and view it online just like the printed version. I like to check out
the obituaries and local stories. The on line webpage will update on breaking news and I find that good to know what is going
on or happening. However, today, I was unable to log in. When you click on that link, it would say that the link is not
active. I would be logged in...and you cannot log in if you have not paid. I was nerve wrecking today since in my hometown
not this one, there was a robbery at a gas station or mini mart where I have acquaintances who work there...and there was
a robber pistol whipping the clerk, choke holding her son...and threatening to shoot her 4 yr old grandson who she
shielded and he was able to run to get help...when the robber realized she was not going to be able to get the drawer
open, he ran and grabbed several packs of cigarettes on his way out to a "get away" car which was stolen....

then...on the local news, the county police department holding a news conference to say that the drug overdoses...
resulting in death in our county is at a all time high...and get this...which is hard to believe, there are enough prescriptions
written for that many, enough for one for every citizen of our county. The population number and the prescribed
prescriptions are equal.....whoa....that is a lot of drugs. Messed up. Really messed up.

All this reminds me of my friend who had the back surgery. Lord have mercy she takes a lot of pills...and I am
positive that she is addicted to it. She says no, but that woman is in denial. I would almost believe if she has any
more surgery it would be because they are telling her that they need to wing her off that crap. All she talks about...
along with every one else business she is proud of remembering....I wish she knew nothing about me.....
too late though....she knows a little.

Not that I give a shit anymore what she knows....all the witnesses are dead now,....not that I killed anyone...but
the good lord called them home....not on my behalf.....he had his reasons which did not include me...

I might be next if this damn flu gets a hold of me. I am the one who wipes every surface down in this house
that any of us touch....these guys do not and will not do we could all die. People are getting
not in my this area....people are getting sick...being told they have the flu one day...and three or four
days later...they are dead...and this is including kids.....KIDS!!! Elderly people are dropping like flies and I am
one of them.....elderly.

I hate it.

Being elderly that is.

And I am still sick of hypocrite stupid people especially on Facebook who think they are talking out loud to the lord every post. For the love of God.. SHUT THE FUCK sound like a crazy bitch.....for real.
I am so sick of it. I know that damn woman is a sinner....she has stolen 100's of thousands from her parents
to keep up her drug filled life and snorted enough coke up her damn nose to fill a room...but will lie to GOD himself
like she thinks her sins are invisible. Then saying shit on line as though she is talking in tongues...which she is not.
She sounds like a damn fool.....

I would de friend her but I find it entertaining on some days....this is just not one of them.