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2018-01-26 04:03:54 (UTC)

"I wish"

Mood: Anticipation
Song: None
Color: Dark Blue

This is a list of things i wish i knew, had, or could do....Just Random.
I don't know why, just seems like today specifically today i have thought the words 'I wish........"
i don't typically do that, i'm normally very content with my life and what i have and i don't have a great desire or want of much, we all have those day's though don't we?
So some of these things are maybe what i would want right this second if i could have it, or maybe things i want to do, or maybe ability's i wish i had that maybe impossible.
there's really no rhyme or reason, you'd just have to be inside my head right now.
So in no particular order here we go.

1. I wish i had a milkshake.
2. I wish i had a Soda
3. I wish i Had about 50 extra dollars.
4. I wish My Dad wasn't sick.
5. I wish i lived near all my Friends.
6.I wish Wish i was able to travel when ever i want
7. I wish Wish i could learn languages much easier.
8. I wish I already knew how to play like 6 instruments.
9. I Wish i could Fly.
10. I wish My Dog Lucy was already Trained properly.
11. I wish People wouldn't act the way they do.
12. I wish i could show people the Truth
13. I Wish people could eat whatever they wanted without gaining weight or having any side effects or allergies.
14. I wish Modern Medicine was more about the people and less about the money.
15. I wish most professions were more about the people and less about the money.
16. I wish i could go see Interactive introverts.
17. I wish my teeth were better than they are.
18. I Wish i didn't worry so much.
19. I wish i was more confident.
20. I wish Time would heal wounds faster.
21. I wish my Brother was still alive.
22. I wish deathly diseases didn't exist.
23. I wish my Grandparents were still alive.
24. I wish i had a boyfriend/Husband someone to talk to, kiss, Cuddle with.
25. I wish it was tomorrow.