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2018-01-24 07:04:29 (UTC)

Josh 2 Days in a row

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I have no words for today.
It wasn't as bad as yesterday but it wasn't a "good" day either.
It's the second day in a row i've seen Josh which is rare...we discussed his wedding plans lol.
We discussed his get rich quick plans and how he wants to pay off Mom and Dad's house for them, i mean i want that for our parents but it's one of those thing's that's far fetched, not that Josh hasn't had that kind of money in the past, because he has but he's talked about doing this for a long time, only this time i think he's seeing Dad's declined health and he's seeing more of their struggle and maybe he's focusing less on himself and his issues and wanting to give back to the people who gave him the raising and life that he had.

i don't know....i don't want to get my hopes up for anything, ever because it just comes crashing down.

I'm feeling a little reckless and like i want to break all the rules, i'm definitely not feeling myself and i don't know what to do about that.