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2018-01-20 01:04:45 (UTC)

Riding A Bike

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I remember Riding a bike, and how at that age where being a teenager, and being an adult seem a lifetime away and that bike is like your drivers licence, your plane ticket, your freedom, your adrenaline rush, Your mode of transportation, Your Saturday afternoons, it's what you did as much as who you were at that time.
I remember Flying down ally ways and riding with my friends for a while there was a pack of us, and we went all over the place, even though we were supposed to stay in the boundaries of the few blocks from our houses we went father always pushing our limits because we felt invincible like we were fast enough and strong enough to face any trouble we may get into.
I loved riding a bike, i think i'd still love riding a bike.
there's just something about it, that is like nothing else.

I remember, learning how to ride a bike, at 6 or so, my dad and my older brother both working with me and teaching me, the falling and scarping my knees the scars of which i still have....
Blood on hot asphalt, the fear of falling, the fear of never being able to actually get the hang of it, the frustration that comes from falling multiple times, the anger and grit and the moment you finally get it, you feel it, the motion you have to make and the balance you have to have and the unsteadiness you still feel even though you know your doing it and you know that you've got the basic of it.
the being overly cautious and taking your turns really carefully and doing nothing risky.

I remember when the fear faded away and you start to take turns as fast as you can leaning into them, taking them on one wheel, learning how to jump things and how to do wheelies and all the little tricks, the riding without hands or putting your feet on the handle bars, the feeling of just flying down hill and nothing can stop you.

I remember how it felt to ride a bike that was too big for you, the kind where you basically have to stand up peddle just to reach and your wobbly because the bike is almost bigger than you, and how once your going to feel super tall and the bike is faster than the one you rode before because it's bigger and you love it until you have to stop and realize you can't just put on foot down because when you do the bike tilts with you and you have to be careful to do it the right way or the bike is going to fall over on top of you, which did happen sometimes.

I remember the horrible experience of not tying your shoes before you get on a bike and the laces get caught in the spokes or the chain and you can't peddle cause you can't move and you can't get off the bike because your stuck to it, so you either manage to get off half falling to the ground with the bike next to you as you get your laces out, or if you can you pull your feet out of your shoes and just get off and then get your laces out.... either way not fun.

I remember taking a corner to fast and losing control and crashing into a bush and it had thorns and sharp leaves in it.
I remember making ramps out of boards and cinder blocks...and once and old door.
I remember the races we'd have.
I remember vividly this period in my childhood and i feel very nostalgic for it right now.... i don't know why, i don't know what really made me think of it, and its not something that everyone would feel nostalgia over....like it's just riding a bike right?
but no, it felt like so much more to me...it still does.