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2018-01-15 23:36:30 (UTC)

Bitterly sold snow coming

I have to cancel the dermatologist appointment. It is way too early in the morning and we are expecting snow and ice. I do not do snow
or ice Wednesday morning. I would rather it be later in the day anyway. Plus he has a eye doctor appointment that day later in day...
so hoping we can keep it.

So today, rent a center came to pick up the dining table and chairs. I have my open space looks real open without it.
Seems like yesterday we were there picking it out getting ready for the holidays. All that is over now. No more need for it for
a while.

I made chili tonight. Once again, he had chili powder that was not was Saucers but although that is a good brand
for most spices, the chili powder was not reddish in color, more brown. I put a little bit of McCormicks in it...and a lot of
onion. It was horrible. Too hot. I swear man....he will not bring anything but McCormicks into this house....this is the
second time we have had crappy chili...due to cheap chili powder. Damn.

I feel much better episodes. I got up early, started my day catching up on laundry and changing sheets.
I received more brochures from the Realtor Store. I wanted to see the WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN BUY to get ideas for a mail
out to apartments...and known rental property. Looks ok as far as information goes, but it did not catch my eye...did
not seem in the right order....not attention magnet at all. I think I can put the information together in a better way
that says what it needs to say in an informative way that will keep the attention and make the reader it pulls want
to call me and ask more about it. then I will have first time buyer assistant information to add....another pull them in. It is one of my

I got a friend request on FB today from someone who was friends mutually with and 42 mutual friends. No photos..
nothing much about them. I usually do not accept this type. But did this a test. So, far, I have seen nothing
that they have posted....not sure why they sent me one. A request that is. FB is still boring too me. Same crap all
day long...every post almost is the same....a lot of Trump bashing which I hate....and promises that the Clintons
are going to be arrested but never are....getting real old. For real.

Sick of the stupid people......who have positions in our society where they should be so happy, thankful and blessed...
instead, they are bitter...hateful and say the most ridiculous is almost like they are getting paid to be
stupid. Sad thing to see.....

Watching a movie....Deadly Delusion. Haylie Duff...hard to keep my attention....but she is pulling me in.