2018-01-14 01:33:17 (UTC)


Because I have finally applied to jobs or at least will once I finish the applications but, second I just spent fifteen dollars on an iTunes card that won’t be able to be put into my wallet because I skipped the option. Now, I’ll have to buy another one in order to download apps onto my phone. Either that or pay for my credit card in which I don’t even know when I’ll be able to anymore with the amount of money I’ve been spending to... anyways it’s been going well for me except yesterday I went into one of those bad moods again.
The mood in which I wonder what my life really means and if it’ll be like this forever. Oh gosh, theirs a story that needs to be told because their was this really really attractive guy at the bus stop and I was in a good mood until he wanted me to pay first. Except, I had like three dollars in change and I was rushing and I was like “S—-“. Then, I told the bus driver to bear with me because I had a lot of change and he was like that’s fantastic which ended up ruining my whole mood. Since, I only paid two dollars for that bus ride knowing I needed a bus pass in which I would have to go onto another bus for an hour or so. Then, I had to wait for like two hours at the order to go too my aunts house. My friend tried to cheer me up which I appreciate except the fact that it’s hard to tell a part of a story without giving all the details of your life in reasons why the thoughts of my life being not so great. She did cheer me up since I ended up applying for more jobs and hopefully I’ll get one and quit my current job next month. Anyways, today was a good day at work. One because I didn’t get yelled at and two I was having very positive thoughts. Let’s hope tomorrow will be the same, also let’s hope that I meet this stranger again to apologize. He was so nice to me and I felt like a total jerk afterwards because in a way I blew him off. P.S. if you haven’t watched The End Of The Fucking World you definitely should because I binged watched it yesterday and I’ll probably rewatch that and continue watching the seasons of cold case. Ttyl and hope you all have a lovely day as well. Oh, forgot to add that I ended up failing two classes Math and English which, I got a D in. I’ll have to retake those two classes for the spring and I’ve been waiting for my registration date since school starts next month although, winter semester is in session. I won’t mess up this time and I’ll go to tutoring and of course am not going to choose the same teachers lecture classes it is. Okay. Thanks. Bye.