2018-01-14 01:22:33 (UTC)


First and foremost, I would like to announce that my toilet is plugged (taco Tuesdays forever). The reason and importance for me to tell you this is still waiting to be derived.

But, enough about my bowel movements, that's saved specifically for my bowel movement diary (make sure no one finds that ladies, your poo schedule could easily get you murdered if it fell into the wrong hands). Back to the point. Let's face it people, Riverdale is a flaming piece of crap. The only reason I watched half of the first season was because I kept hoping that Archie and Betty would happen. My dreams have been crushed, my crappy childhood has been dashed upon the rocks (I do love to be dramatic). First of all, Jughead starts dating Betty, so wtf is that about? Our jugs (I'm already loving this nickname) is asexual, and we all know it. Except the butt-crust's who made the crap fest. I mean, you really have to hate Archie comics when this is your modernized interpretation of the characters. Secondly, who the hell are the Blossoms, and where tf did they get the Pussycats? Their just pulling characters out of their asses now. Very wrong band name I might add, you can tell the actors are having trouble saying it. And, to top it off, Archie is now "righteous guitar Archie" who messes around with his horny band teacher and is honestly, a total slut most of the time.

So, if your planning on watching it, just watch "The End of The F**cking World" instead. Because, I could watch that loveble shit forever.

P.S.: I am now officially calling a banana split a big banana shit. With an extra fucking spoon.
P.S.S.: I am also going to shamelessly ask the cute boy next door if he could unplug my toilet. Tacos is my wingman forever.