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2018-01-09 14:14:31 (UTC)

Progress...minus common denominator

Not sure if I wrote about this or not. But my son's dad before this Christmas had not talked too or seen in several years. For me, to see that my son, who is not a criminal, does not do drugs, has not laid down with many women and created babies...he works very hard...every damn thing he has ever done, he has been rewarded for with therapies, awards, acknowledgments...he is honest and works every day. . . any man would be proud to have him as their son. But, there was this what I call a common denominator in my life who has a brother who works side by side with my son's father....and also has an inlay that was related to my daughter's half sister....not to mention she is friends with many people I know...
and in my past, before I realized....that talking to her in confidence...and telling her things that you would not want any of those people to hear or know how you feel about things....was not a good idea.

The common denominator ran her mouth to her big brother most likely in an effort to have something to discuss with though she knew something...and her words were transported by him back to my son's dad. So, although I said nothing to her that was untrue, her understanding of the words and phrases is sometimes messed up...from years of drug use...and a low level intelligence.

There is no telling what she actually said. So, several years ago....I back off from her and now basically have nothing to do with her. She begs me to hang out, go to lunch, play music....I ignore her. So, now..after a few years of the stupid bitch not having anything to say....his dad reached out this year and the all went to have dinner together. My son was very happy and I am sure his dad was too.

Now, her involvement with may daughters half sister's a different story. My daughter is not accepted, never been acknowledged by her dad's family...and this common denominator had a brother who drank himself to death....who was married to my daughters aunt. Her mom and aunt are sisters. And there is no telling what she said to them...but although there has never been a relationship.....and nothing bad really to share...but again, her understanding of things...and maybe being a little jealous of my children who are very accomplished in what they do and successful....compared to hers who all dropped out of school, live off the government, son is an alcoholic,...and drained her parents dry of cash before they died....the family home was lost too falling apart because no one took care of it....complete dumb asses...who were giving way too much...and ended up living off the government....sad thing.....and nothing like my family....which I raised to be be more responsible and had very little to do with her family....

Anyway... with all that being said, I have nothing to do with any of them. I do not have the time nor the money.....I can not waste my time trying to explain life things...that most people already is not my place....they need to have a social worker...or someone to help hold their hands through life. I can not be responsible for her family and I backing off from her was the best thing I could ever have done for my own.

My son has this...and I will never be concerned about it ever again. He told me last night that his "dad" said to say "hi" to me.

And I know with no doubt about it that my daughter would have had a relationship with her sister if this person...the common
denominator had not been involved.....running a them with God knows what...talking either about me or my daughter....anything she
could to make herself look good, superior to her sister in law......( my daughters sisters aunt ). who went to college and very intelligent
compared to this pot head who lives and always has lived in LA LA LAND.....wasting her life....and also draining her parents dry...

When her brother died, they actually thought they could get custody of his kids so they could drain their insurance
off the social security benefits...etc....but thank GOD that did not work. Their mother was much smarter than them...and they
stayed with her where they belonged...and all of her kids are like mine, very respected and successful.

So, by sharing all this today....with you....I am alerting be aware who you take into your confidence....and be aware who they
are, who they know, and what they might be doing to hurt your family. Yes, we go through things from time to time where we feel a need to
rant and rave to get through it....and even that can be dangerous....I suggest doing it here...and not too another person who may have a
need down the road to repeat your words....may so far along...that what you may have been upset about has been worked out..
or is not that big of a deal....but when they start running their mouth it opens up old wounds....and hurts people....

that is why my son has not seen his dad in years.....

and I know without a doubt that if I were to see her out and about...and had to have a of the
first thing she would do is bring up the half sister....her mom....her aunt....and repeat to me stuff that she would
think that I would want to hear....but I will not allow it....I will stop her and simply say that I do not want o hear someone
speaking about those people....if they want me to know anything about their family, they will tell me themselves.
And when she ask about my son and ex;; she will never get a damn words from ever again.

Beware of the common denominators....they never go away....until you shut them out.