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diary of a broken girl
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2018-01-03 22:10:35 (UTC)

please help

I don't know what to do anymore I really want to stay with chris hes really sweet and cares for me but then again lee just completed me and I fucked things up with lee last night I don't think he will ever take me back. I'm crying as I write this and ive never had really bad thoughts but I guess I need to put myself in counselling because I don't want to end up hurting myself over a boy. I really love lee like so fucking much but he doesn't understand that and I'm just hurting myself by being with chris because the last time that I tried with chris he got stressed from family issues and left me and I was so broken hearted I thought id never be able to love again but then along comes lee and my world changes but then that ends and I'm just ugggh guys I don't know what to do this is the hardest decision that ive ever had to make my eart is saying lee but my mind is telling me chris god help me someone please give me advice
Yours Truly,
The Broken Girl