Night by Night
2018-01-03 21:15:40 (UTC)

New Choices

So I honestly have no idea how to do these things but it will get better over time....... I hope. You know being a senior in high school people expect you to have your whole life planned to a t. What college you are going to, trying to find that person that you're supposed to 'be with forever', blah blah blah, etc, etc, etc. But I don't have that. I know what college I really want to go, I have no idea where to start 'looking for Mr. Right'. Its all just..... Confusing. So now, being a senior means that I have less than 4 months to figure this out. And honestly that's going to go by so fast. Lets just hope that somehow, somewhere, my answers will be found.

Until we meet again, Nightowl