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2018-01-03 21:06:34 (UTC)

Fresh air

Hi there!

It is 6.39 p.m and it is still sunny. We went to the supermarket as predicted and had breakfast there. I always enjoy it but today I was not so hungry because I ate toast at home. Great idea of mine. I always do that...

I just spoke to my husband and gave him some ideas for now and for the future but he told me I have to think about the practicality of it. I guess he is right and I will have to suggest it again when the right time comes. Today was the day of having ideas and little action... I guess it is how it starts by having ideas. With all the ideas my anxiety level has gone up and I feel I have gone nowhere.
By the way, husband is fine... tired as always but we chatted as always we do.

It is funny that when I stay too much in the house it is an effort to get out and take some fresh air. But I enjoy it. And talking about fresh air I just had my shower. I am smelling nice. I moisturized my skin with the cream my brother gave me. I don't like to do it when it is too hot because then I feel it is like a glue on my skin but this one is very good. It was a Christmas present.

I washed two loads of clothes but I haven't vacuumed the house. The cleaner is on a holiday and I really don't know when she will return. So, I should think about doing some deeper cleaning but I lack motivation for it. I am a housewife at the moment but I don't like to do housework. But I usually vacuum and clean the shower box. I must do it again.

Well, that was my day... I am glad that I was out today...

Good energy to all.