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2018-01-03 21:00:11 (UTC)

PIzza Dough Wednesday

Up early and got some more post cards addressed ready to mail...going to be working on this to make sure they are in the mail tomorrow..
I want these particular ones going to arrive on Saturday when everyone is home....hoping to stir up thoughts about listing their homes...with me. Most of the homes are selling 60 to 100 k more than they paid for them...and I am hoping to stir thoughts about getting some of that back now.

I sent an email to my daughter of whom has not even bothered too let me know if she called the people ( two property owners) or not.
Nothing. So, I just told her that since I do not know if she did or not; it would be awkward to call them after she had spoken to them
and down right harassing if they were not interested. I also told her that I am not her boss, as we are working at this company as
Independent contractors and when I ask her to do something, she can say no. She can say no, I am too busy to be involved...or no
I just can not right now...and I left it at that. But man, I hope she does not ask me to do something......cause I am feeling like saying no
myself. About sick of the way she treats me....and I really do mean it.

I made an appointment to see a new dermatologist. A WOMAN DOCTOR, no PA I woke up this morning with my head on fire....I
had to get a cold wash rag to pat cook it off. Went on google and searched for conditions....Psoriasis seems to be what this
is...I am hoping she can help this and me dealing with it. 2 weeks.....till appointment.

With nothing much going on...I decided since I have the ingredients to make my own pizza dough...or at least try....
I did. It is rising as I write this....30 more minutes to go...and hoping it will be ready to roll out into a pizza so I can
make it. If it works.....I will post instructions. I fear I may have had the water too warm....or did not
become a perfect ball like the video I watched. But we shall see. If it sucks out loud...I can make hot dogs.