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2018-01-03 19:35:44 (UTC)

The New Year

We've not exited 2017 and 2018 is here, I wanted this to be a great start to the new year and it was the exact opposite. Instead a fight broke out and I had to force three friends out of my life, I have a sprained ankle, bite marks on my leg, abrasions on my arm and back and the emotional trauma is still worse. Throw in misleading expectations, a lawsuit, and you've got yourself the worst three days of a year you could imagine. Someone came back into my life and at first I thought it was a sign but after a few days I didn't see it like that anymore and I was just enjoying talking to him again. he was going through some things and I figured that I could help since he is realistically alone and I didn't want him to be alone so I did what I could. it was great talking again and I was hoping he'd stick around in my life but it isn't going to happen, and as much as he denies it its no coincidence that right when he starts talking to yet again a new guy, suddenly I'm being iced out and he has a "rational" excuse for it. if someone did that to you how does it look? they're going through a break up, seek comfort from an old love, and then suddenly just "distance themselves" because of your current relationship when the timeline proves he went through breakup, talked to you religiously, met a new guy a week later and suddenly you're just back burner again. welp lets go 2018, this can be the year you take me I guess. I'm done fighting it