Most Inner Thoughts
2018-01-03 19:07:14 (UTC)


So while i was enjoying my vacation I seemed to have reconnected with my husband. It feels good to be able to speak to him, but he doesnt treat me as his equal. He says that he has changed.... but there are still bits and pieces of him that have not. He still accuses me of things that I am not doing and continues to say that i am sneaky which i never have been. I just want the past to be in the past and it seems that somethings he cannot let go of..... I think that I love him and I want this to work..... maybe he is my forever <3. Josh isnt speaking to me ever since i told him that i have been in contact with my ex.... hes also jealous and its ridiculous, then there is Chris who wants to kill me because someone said thati was pregnant so now I have him on my ass and also wanting to beat my ass this is sad!!! All these controlling men I feel like i am drowning and trying to keep everyone happy. Matt is the only one who is not controlling and I like and care about him so much.... but there are things that i am skeptical about! He never calls or texts me and he only communicates with me on snapchat and I find that to be weird!