White Cloud
2018-01-03 10:57:11 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

I do not consider myself a person who easily gets angry, for me ANGER is a very big and powerful negative emotion. There is also positive anger when someone has hurt you to an extent that it is in-human and also if someone has deeply hurt your loved ones. For me honestly, I barely get angry - I do get upset but angry, no I doubt it.

I have seen people get angry over all sorts of things even at shops if they are not given much attention by the sales representative. I am sure that they have a back story behind that anger but what people often forget is that ANGER when let out on a human, its the worst kind of abuse. That is why many people have done all sorts of terrible things in anger which some of them regret but what is the point, once you have spill the milk you cant expect it to go back in the glass just the way it was.

I think its very necessary for all us to contemplate and reflect on this matter, the times that we have gotten angry - what have we actually felt?

Right now someone did the same exact thing to me - he showed me his anger like I am going to accept it all in and give it to him back but all I did was SMILE. I could see him regretting his action and turn his face down and walk away but what he did was not acceptable in a professional environment. I forgive him because of his old age and personality but that is no excuse to behave in such a way but now there is a crazy big wall that I have built for him so that he dare not to cross over - again.