Captain's Log
2018-01-03 10:09:22 (UTC)


i miss yesturday. But i believe the thoughts were wrong. Anyhow.. i hope the fear can pass. And less temptation by the world. And the blame is the sorry for now i hope to have a voice i guess.
I don't know what for, but i noticed there is a dog suffers at the nieghborhood.. it reminds me of God and Holy. Earlier of the day, I chat with the sis..She doesn't have DVD.
And the mare in the afternoon slumber is hard to know any means. Yet be my guess, maybe i just have to clean it. its sunny today. I should be glad to lunch with dad. The call from therapy center was boring to me. I wonder is there anyway to have a better pass to remember. Anyways.. i reside in fear God..
ya, at last.. sorry for the pants mother bought for me..just sorry..sigh~