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2018-01-03 08:52:15 (UTC)

Its okay to kill people...

I dont know if its all the horror and crime shows i see, or fascination in death and gothic and black stuff but its changed me in many the real life experience too.

They need to die. Its as simple as that. But people don't get that. And even more absurd is that you leave it all to His will. If God created man, his beautiful creation...and man destroys everything around him...does it not make sense to destroy man himself??? The protestors here stopped trains services, wrecked the busses. They gathered in numbers and just sat on the tracks refusing to budge. If i was the motorman i would have gone full speed ahead. Who the fuck gives you the right to disrupt the whole city's peace based on your whims??

I would kill them all...all the protestors. Death my friends is the only way....The only way.

Everyone fears death, nobody can conquer it. Its not biased. It cant be bought or reasoned with. Its the ultimate terminator. Humans have become corrupt. The powerful have it all. The police can't touch them. If you believe in God then they have become the devil. Evil hearts in power. And what can man do?? Pray??? Yeaaaa rite. Its all over. The rich and powerful rule the world. You sitting in your small town don't see what im seeing. Scum everywhere. So much of hate. Death is there to level the playing field. The corrupt and the ignorant can't be reasoned or educated. Its too late. Executed they must be. Let me lose with a flame thrower and ill end the protest. They shut down shops and brought a city to stand still. If they can do that much...then i can end them.