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2018-01-02 20:52:03 (UTC)


Mood: Hungover (No i haven't been Drinking -_-)
Song: None
Color: Orange

So last Night i got super sick and was throwing up violently and as always when i throw up the blood vessels in my face bust and it bruises my face(yes this sounds really weird but this happens to me) so i look like i'm either having an allergic reaction or that i have been beaten up and it's mostly healed but you can still tell, my right eye looks like it has a black eye.
And basically i just feel sick...like head ache and uneasy stomach plus a bit of a fever i think..... I mean i made it through November And December and then catch a bug on November 1st/2nd? like what??? Really??

So when i went down stairs this morning to get a cup of tea and some IB profin and my dad wanted to choose that moment to have a serious talk about money and jobs and not trusting people and taking care of yourself your and just being smart about life choices, all these things that i do already know but he's my dad, he has to say them....i'm not upset but i felt so horrible earlier and now if i'm honest but worse earlier and it was really hard to pay attention and focus on what he was trying to say to me and it seemed like he was going on and on and on.
But it's an improvement on yesterday's mood so no complaints here.
I'm so tired right now....