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2018-01-02 18:59:55 (UTC)

Too hot


Oh! It is hot. I just had my second shower. I am feeling clean and fresh. It is sunny although there are some clouds around.

It has been a long day so far. I am tired of being at home. I need to go out even if it is to go to the supermarket tomorrow morning. My parents came early this morning but didn't stay after lunch. I was not surprised. I think they got the message that we needed our space after they have lunch. I don't know but they seemed a bit upset. I do love my parents but then I need some space.

I just have spoken to my husband. He is all right but tired. As I said before he works hard. I might call him later...

This afternoon I just washed one load of clothes and washed up the dishes after lunch. When it is hot like today then I don't feel like doing anything. I think I am not very motivated to do a lot.

Tomorrow is another day. I hope it rains like today.

Well, I finish this entry wishing you all good energy.