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2018-01-02 18:26:51 (UTC)

the forgotten graveyard

You have heard me mention that I live right beside a forgotten graveyard. When I say right beside I mean, you can go out my front door and turn to the left and walk to the edge of the woods beside my house and there it is. The forgotten graveyard. There are really old tombstones decaying. Do you know how old it has to be for the tombstones to be decaying? Really old. Later I plan on researching the history of my house and finding out what cemetery that was. I guess it would explain all those times that I have seen and heard ghost in my house. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out my house is on top of a graveyard that's been overgrown. If there is one thing that I know for sure, its that if my house is on top of a graveyard I'm moving the fuck out as soon as I can. I wonder if my boyfriend has room for one more person in his house? I'm kidding I can make it 2-3 more years then ima move out I'm tired of this paranormal shit. Don't get me wrong I love the paranormal, but not in my damn house. I mean it could be worse, someone could have died here. I know that no one did because when this house was first built my stepdad moved in then a few years later my mom married him that's what made him my stepdad. My mom rents one of her house in the next city over. The woman that lives there doesn't pay her rent. She comes up with the most bullshit excuses. If it wasn't for my mom then that woman wouldn't have a place to live. Don't get me wrong shes amazing she just has a lieing problem. I told my mom that once I turn 18 years old, to kick her ass out and let me move in. I would actually pay my rent. Unlike the girl that lives there now. Enough of that, I can't wait until tomorrow. For one it's my three months anniversary with my amazing boyfriend. It's also when I get to see my boyfriend again I haven't seen him since December 14th,2017. I miss him like crazy.
Yours Truly,