diary of a broken girl
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2018-01-02 15:01:18 (UTC)

closer to my anniversery

So tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary with my boyfriend. I'm so excited. I hope he remembers tomorrow, and I hope our anniversary is the best one yet, all the others (the 1 month and 2 month) ended with me crying. Before Christmas break was here, he told me he got me a necklace, which was really sweet. (It was a Christmas present). I don't have it yet, because he wasn't able to get it until after we were on Christmas break. I don't even know if I'm getting it at all. He said as soon as he seen me again then he would give it to me. I don't know if he will. If he doesn't I guess it's no big deal. I mean it's just a necklace....NO!!! it's not just a necklace. It's from him so that makes it really special. I know I haven't even seen the necklace but its really special to me. Even if he doesn't give it to me yea it will hurt because he got it for me but it will be fine. On the other hand if he does give it to me, I will probably cry just like I did when he told me about it. Not because I'm upset but because ive wanted one for a really long time he just everythings right in the world when I'm in his arms.
Yours Truly,