diary of a broken girl
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2018-01-02 14:04:33 (UTC)

MMA or nah ??

So like I have said before, I want to do MMA, but I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday and he wants me to stop the act. I'm not acting I really want to join the MMA. I also want to go back to my good girl self. Is it possible to be a good girl and be in the MMA????? I don't even know anymore, ever since I was about 12 I have been interested in fighting and I don't know why. I mean joining MMA is one of my dreams/goals in life, but on the other hand MY WORLD is my boyfriend and all I want is for my boyfriend to be happy. idk what should I do guys? Should I give up on MMA and find something else to do? Or should I just keep my boyfriend happy?
Yours Truly,