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2018-01-02 02:05:01 (UTC)

The Good mood ship has sailed

Mood: Annoyed
Song: Car Radio By Twenty one Pilots
Color: Purple

A list of things i wish a certain person would do tonight.

1. Don't tell me what to freaking do, your not in charge of me.
2. Stop focusing on the one thing i didn't do rather than the many things i did.
3. Get over yourself.
4. Quit emotionally scaring those around you.
5. Shove off.
6. Stop the Negativity.
7. Change your attitude.
8. Don't say something negative and then smile or laugh as if to soften the blow.
9. Don't Judge me, The music i like or anything else that matters to me just because you don't like it yourself.... Your opinion doesn't have to be top priority on every freaking thing.
10. Stop making me feel bad when i didn't do anything wrong.

I was fine, until you just had to bring me down with you, i know that today has sucked for you, you've had an attitude and you've hurt mom and you, have stomped around and acted like a jerk, and when you weren't you were holed up in your room not talking to anyone.
Literally the only words you've spoken to me were requests, and demands.
I'm not for you acting this way and hurting those around you, it's fine to have an off day, it's fine to feel upset and depressed your feelings are just as valid as mine and anyone else's but when you start to treat the people around you in way's that you shouldn't that's when it becomes wrong. so stop, shove off, go lock yourself in your room if you have to but don't be emotionally or verbally abusive just because you are down.