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diary of a broken girl
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2018-01-02 02:03:37 (UTC)

good girl

I use to be such a good girl. Never broke the rules, never tried to fight the people talking shit. What happened to that? I'll tell you what happened, high school happened. I tried to change and fit in. It's not worth it. Now that I have a boyfriend, we were talking today and I said something about me being his little good girl. (He's a bad boy). He replied with "not if you don't straighten up your not". That hit me hard. We talked about it and I figured out what he was saying. After I thought about it, I really only started trying to be a bad girl because of high school. I was thinking maybe someone would love me. Well truth of the matter is, the right person will love you for who you are...Who you truly are, and not the way you act. Just be yourself and the right one will come to you. So i'm going back to my good girl self, I'm done with the bad girl act. That's not who I am. Deep down I'm a kind, sweet, loving, sensitive, good girl. I'm going to try to cut cussing out of my vocabulary. Wish me luck and goodnight everyone!
Yours Truly,