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diary of a broken girl
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2018-01-01 13:14:35 (UTC)

new life?

Can this beginning of a new year be a clean slate for me. A way I can make up for everything horrible I have put my mother through this year from me hiding shit. Well no more! In February i'm going to try to tell her about my boyfriend. She thinks me and him are talking but we are dating. I can feel in my heart that he is the one I am going to marry someday. He is my king, and I would do anything for him. He really surprised me one day, we were walking to class and I said "Baby you're my king forever and always and I'm your little brat" That's when he sais "No your my princess" My heart melted I've had people call me a princess in the past, but it's just something about the way he said it or the look in his eyes that made me know he really was mine. If your confused i'll try an explain. At my school my boyfriend is what you would call "the school legend" that one bad boy that just doesn't give a fuck if he gets in trouble. I mean now that me and him are together he's stopped getting in trouble so, so, so much for me because he knows I cant handle it. Me and him have made it through what I thought would make him end us. At my school I'm not even sure what they consider me I know I'm just a worthless hoe to everyone who doesn't know me, Well i'm not a hoe. HOW THE FUCK AM I A MOTHERFUCKIN HOE!!!!!!!??????? I'm not exactly so they can stop talkin their little shit. I mean I have been ignoring it for my boyfriend, but i'm not sure how I can anymore to be honest. I mean they won't say it to my face but they will say it behind my back. You might be thinking... if they say it behind your back then how do you know? For one they go to my boyfriend and tell him, or at least that's what my best friend told me. I don't know but if they're going to keep talking shit about me they need to grow some damn balls and say it to my fuckin face. I can see why they don't because I would probably just tell them to suck my dick and go to hell.(I'm a girl I just use the phrase "suck my dick").Well I guess that's all for now
Yours Truly