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2018-01-01 02:26:20 (UTC)

Now, Then and Forever

Mood: Happy
Song: I get lost in my Mind by The head and the Heart
Color: Red

They say who you spend new years eve with is who you will be spending the coming year with...
I'm With my Family, we have sat around our kitchen table had dinner and played Games and talked and laughed...
I knew that i would be spending the coming year with my family before i was even sure of my New years eve plans, because i will spend every year with my family that i can, every year that we can be together all of us here while we still can be.
Now, Then and Forever.

But that's not to say i'm not thinking of my Friends and the people who i love and care about so so so much i'm not physically with them but i am with them in my Heart and they are with me in my thoughts....some of them it would be impossible to see on this night but that doesn't mean that they don't go with us into the coming year, they come with us into our futures and it's a comforting thought that through out all the unknowns that are coming up with a new year that we all will always have someone who loves us and cares about us and will stand with us through life....I will stand with the people i love as long as i have air in my lungs, ride or die loyalty.
Now, Then and Forever.

I have Completed Wirting every day in December....it's abou 3 hours and 40 Minutes left in December, Left in 2017.
And i'm content with the way that things worked out, and I'm hopeful for better things in the future... For me, for my Friends and my family, For my Country and for the world.
Because my heart is divided between Country's and Continents....so my hopes and thoughts and prayers are for us all...
Good luck and God bless Us all in 2018.
Take it one day at a time and try to stay focused on doing the next right thing.

Well this is all from me for this year..... I'll see you in 2018....with hope and anxiousness.