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2018-01-01 01:06:34 (UTC)

Dear David Ghost Story

I just finished the story "Dear David". Its a thread of tweets from this guy, now I don't know if he was playing a practical joke or what but it gave me the heebie jeebies!!!! It was definitely creep, but I personally don't think that it was legit. I have watched way too many paranormal ghost and have caught ghost in some pictures of my own to know that the pictures he had are faked. Ghost don't show up like it did in those pictures. Some of the pictures I believed because they looked pretty legit but mainly they look fake I think it was fake personally. If that guy was just trying to make a fun story, he definitely put a lot of thought into it. He also kept it continuous . I Don't believe it I honestly think it was fake but ill copy and past the link into this entry if you want to read it yourself.


you can also type "Dear David" into the search bar and it should be the first link.
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