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diary of a broken girl
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2017-12-31 23:53:23 (UTC)

update on love life<3

So my baby is fine. umm thank you to my new friend Jasmine for keeping me calm today. I think my boyfriend has been reading my entrys and I just don't know it because he called me baby brat today (I'm his little brat)and hes never called me baby brat hes called me brat but never baby brat but idk if he is reading my entrys that's fine because he pretty much knows me inside and out.but he could have gotten baby brat because my YouTube channel that I never upload on so I have no videos is BabyBrat so idk but like I said even if he does read my post on here its perfectly fine because he knows me inside and out and I love him so much.

I love you all byee guys<3
Yours Truly