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2017-12-31 21:14:44 (UTC)

The story behind annie96 is typing...

"Annie96 is typing" is a chat history between this boy named Dave and a girl named Annie. Annie is home alone. There is this boy named Johny, and he is gay and whenever he confessed his love to Dave, Dave rejected him. Dave likes Annie so Johny eavesdrops on their conversation and figures out that Annie is at home alone, because of Dave rejecting him he decides to kill Annie. Johny has the same jacket as Dave because he is obsessed with him, he then decides to go to Annie's house wearing that jacket. Johny is psychotic and on his way to Annie's house he steps on a cat, and in the story Annie is looking out of her window and she sees someone in her garden digging a hole. He is digging Annie's grave. When Johny looked up from digging he saw Annie staring down from her window looking at him, he then bolts toward the house to break in. Once he is inside of her house, he searches for Annie. He finds her in a closet holding her phone and a knife. Johny swipes the knife from her hands and kills Annie with it. He then takes the phone from her hands and he sees Dave's user. He then texts Dave telling him to come to Annie's house. He then buried Annie's body, then kept waiting for Dave.

I didn't make this up, I searched up the history behind it for all my followers that are paranormal believers, and if you didn't already know the history behind "Annie96 is typing" You do now. Hope you enjoyed

I love you all byee guys<3
Yours Truly