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2017-12-31 19:39:30 (UTC)


Mood: sleepy
Song: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Color: Red

As it's Sunday here are the things that i am thankful for:

1. God
2. Family
3. Friends
4 Music
5. Night time where my imagination and mind come alive with ideas and creativity.
6. Home
7. Good conversation.
8. Warmth
9. Hope.
10. Faith
11. Internet.
12. Sleep (When i actually can get it)
13. Dreaming.
14. Poetry.
15. Looking on the bright side.
16. Coffee
17. The Pretty Dusting of snow that we got today.
18. Taking the moments that you have and being happy in them.
19. When people make an effort.
20. Inside Jokes.
21. Smiling
22. The ability to capture a moment with a picture.
23. Prayer
24. Empathy
25. Health.
26. Freedom
27. Opportunity
28. Second, Third, Fourth ect Chances
29. Grace and Forgiveness.
30. I woke up today.
31. Change.
32. Determination
33. Loyalty.
34. Memories
35. Personal Growth.
36. Good books
37. Writing
38. Slightly better mental and emotional health.
39. Breathing.
40. Learning Every day.
41. Comfy Clothes
42. Eye Make up and Lip stick.
43. Listening to Emma singing and playing.
44. Watching her Grow up.
45. My Dad Singing Despite his health issues.
46. My Moms Eternal Optimism.
47. Tara's ability to make me laugh no matter what.
48. Time
49. Non stopped up noses.
50. Legacy.
51. Good TV Shows.
52. Laughter
53. Knowing Personality's
54. Looking back on how far we've come
55. Looking to the future knowing God's got this.

What are you thankful for today?

It's freezing and i wanted nothing more than to just stay in bed today, but i didn't and i got up and got out and i'm happy that i did despite the fact that the wind is biting and it's so..so... so... so freaking cold lol...but not really complaining too much here, i mean we have had a really warm winder so far....and now it finally feels like how winter should feel...instead of being in the 60s and 70s.... that's weird Oklahoma for you.