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2017-12-31 18:56:49 (UTC)

Bringing in the NEW YEAR

Not really doing much. Certainly nothing too special. But I am ready for 2018. Looking forward to it. Got my deck cleared off...all the
clutter gone makes me think more clearly...feeling very confident. I expect this could be our best year yet...and I am looking for it so

I was wrong about the bank hack. I took a second look and realized that all was good and the two amounts that showed up
added together was one amount for one time I was there...the mix up come when they charge me separately. I have already
called to get the dispute claim removed. I have to call back on Tuesday to be sure it gets done. I feel better knowing I was
wrong...and did not sign up for LifeLock right now. I am stunned at how much it cost....and not sure if it is worth it yet.
May take some time to research to see what other protection I can get for less.

Foot is hurting today but it won't stop me. I am ready to go and I am going. I want to be sure I have the ingredients to
make a few things that I am working on learning. I have the correct fast acting yeast now to make my own pizza dough..
so I will be trying that this week.....I need some green onions, fresh spinach and parsley to make this thing
call eggs for fancy people...or fancy it. I am making that.

Not making any resolutions. But will try to get a couple of my songs added to my SOUNDCLOUD account. I have it for one
year...and there is time if I can pull it off. I think I will try simply recording with my phone to see if it will save as a MP3 file.
If not...I will not be downloading anything for free any longer...I will and must find a program loaded with a I
can control what comes with it...if not...I will just have to stop wasting my time with the music and songs...I have written
a lot of them...and wish I could put them all on there...but if I can not I can is that simple and I am ok with it.
My fault for spending so much time helping others getting their material copy written and recorded and never spending
the same effort on may own material. All that was a waste too since they did nothing with it but sit on their ass...
and whine about not being discovered....never trying to form a band....never doing a damn thing. I would have....done
things different. And to those of you who do this....just know that it is okay to do for yourself sometimes...if someone
wants you to help them....that is ok..but limit that time so you give as much to yourself too. are as
important...maybe more so than anyone else with some things..

This should be the most important year for my business.....and I will be trying get business...on my own.
I need to bring more to the company than I have been. No excuses now. I am getting older...and instead of being
an excuse, being older should be an asset....wiser...more experienced.

Just saying...

Anyway I want to wish every one of you the best new year ever.....I appreciate all of you very much....