Diary of Kate
2017-12-31 02:34:39 (UTC)

The End

So today's New Year's Eve... and I don't know how I feel about it. I've never really liked NYE (I mean it was okay but it wasn't as exciting for me as it is for others), I've always been a 'Christmas person'. Maybe because I'm never seeing any progress in my life except for getting older. There are some small changes between each year but nothing major... And the same thing happens this time around - I haven't lost any weight, I haven't overcome my problems, nobody had fallen in love with me... And I'm truly afraid that every single year will look exactly the same until I die. I feel like I'm wasting my life away :(

These are probably the only things that I have 'achieved' in 2017 (of course I'm thankful for all of this but it still feels like not enough) :
-I've quit previous university where I felt super unhappy and stressed all the time (which was kinda risky because I had no assurance that I'll be lucky enough to get to the university I wanted to go to in the first place and I was told by few people that it was a bad idea to quit)
-I have retaken my exams in order to get more points in recruitment (and I was happy with the results)
-I've been accepted by the university and I could officialy called myself an English Philology student
-I've read more books
-I've made more friends
And probably that's all (or at least all I can remember). I just hope that 2018 will be way much more exciting, that I will be brave enough to do all the things I want and dream of, that I will successfully pass all my upcoming exams, and basically that I will be lucky and everything will go smoothly and nicely. Plus I hope that this year will be special for all of you out there, I hope all of your dreams will come true, I hope that you'll find enough strenght to overcome whatever you're struggling with or going through!

Love you,
~ Kate.