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2017-12-31 01:17:33 (UTC)

the ring and necklace

So for Christmas (even though it is already over) I asked my boyfriend what he wanted for Christmas and he said "baby don't get me anything I just want more time with you" Even though he told me not to get him anything, I got him something. I gave him a fidget spinner and the design on it was a hundred dollar bill. I also gave him a key chain with my name on it, and when he saw the key chain he lifted me off the ground and into his arms and kissed me and said that I have made this Christmas the best Christmas that he ever had! Then the next day he asked me "babe what do you want for Christmas " I told I'm not to get me anything. Eventually (before Christmas was here) I found out what he got me. He got me a ring, its beautiful and I wear it everyday you never see me without it on. He also went to my sister, and asked my sister. She told him that I have been wanting a necklace for the past few years. So he got me that to ( I haven't seen it yet, we are still on Christmas break I'm looking forward to getting it when we o back to school ). He got me a custom made necklace. He didn't have to do that but I honestly appreciate it. Like he does so much for me,, he stands up for me against the people bullying me at school. He always makes sure that I have a smile on my face!
Yours truly
Nicoley <3