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2017-12-30 22:50:20 (UTC)

17 Things to leave in 2017

Mood: Thoughtful
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This is a generic topic for the end of the year and i'm just one of the thousands that are making these lists on blogs, on twitter, on what ever other social media that you want to look at....
But i wanted to make my own list, for me, it's just some of the specific things that I've had to deal with in 2017 or maybe just in life in general that i would really like to just leave behind in the coming year....and while it's not an original idea it was actually really good for me to think up this list and how and what i want to change in 2018 and beyond....so i recommend doing this...even if you aren't a person that makes new years resolutions....which this isn't a list of by the way....this to me is very different from New years resolutions.
I did make a list how ever and i will probably write about that tomorrow on New years Eve.
But without further ado here are the things that i think we should leave behind in 2017.

1. The pressure of society.
The pressure of the worlds mind set of aging and not accomplishing certain things at a certain time....
Everything has a season and a time and sometimes that's different for everyone and this idea that your supposed to do certain things at certain times is ridiculous! because we are all different people and our journey's are all different...and i hate feeling like i'm not living up to what i should be or that i'm failing life because i'm not at a certain point in a career or if i'm not married yet, or if i haven't had kids or what ever else is the expected behavior of a successful adult functioning human.

2. Making Excuses rather than making decisions.
I hate when i'm faced with tough decisions ....as are most of us but that can't mean we just procrastinate and not make a decision and then make excuses for it....i'm good at this and it's not something i want to be good at.

3. Fear.
It's pretty self explanatory...but Fear stops us from truly living life to the fullest.
It holds us back in our comfort zones which are beautiful places but nothing ever grows there and i want to continue growing as a person and living and loving and learning and you can't do that properly if you are bound up in fear.

4. The Past.
You can't start the next chapter of your life if you are rereading the previous one....
The past is both painful and Beautifully nostalgic we have good reasons to want to look back and then we have things that scared us that we can't seem to get past.
we have to let go of both the good of the past and the bad of the past to be able to find the good in the present... it doesn't do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live is what J.K. Rowling wrote and it's true.
Don't let the hurt stop you and don't try to keep chasing a happy past that you can't ever get back...and by doing so lose a happy present.

5. Toxic people.
Let Them go, Move forward don't let their words and actions control your thoughts and emotions and actions.

6. Comparing yourself to others.
It does no good to play the comparing game because as i mentioned above we are all different people and our timing and Journey's are all different....it would be like comparing your chapter 5 to someone else's chapter 2 or 10..... it's not about someone being better than you or worse than you, it's not better or worse it's just different....and if we genuinely knew this and accepted it we would be happier people i think.

7. Our Vices
We all have things we use to get through our day's our addiction some worse than others.... my self included
we make excuses for them and the truth is we don't need the vices and we should give them up...
I have mine and i know where my weakness are and i don't want to be dependent on anything other than God himself.

8. Regrets.
Always regrets, the things we did or said that we wish we hadn't and also the things that we should have done that we didn't.
with this we have to try to live the best life and make the best choices we can starting new every day...so that we have as few regrets as we possibly can....and we have to learn to take a deep breath let go the regret we have and start brand new today and try to just stay focused on doing the next right thing.

9. Social Justice Warriors.
Look i know that there's a lot in the world that is judgment worthy, things that we need to fix and change and do better....
But if you feel that way about something than get up and do something about it instead of judging other people for doing the thing that you have an issue with, and posting about it on social media....posting about it on social media doesn't do any good to the issues that your complaining about...go out into the world and change things for the better.

10. Negativity.
There's enough darkness in the world without us adding to it.
I know we all are going to have our day's where everything looks black and bleak and horrible and we are going to be negative (myself included) but we need to try to fight through those feelings because they are feelings and feelings aren't intelligent...they have no logic.

11. Melodramatics
Look yes the world is insane but that doesn't mean we have to act insane with it -_-
Trumps the president and the world hasn't ended yet.
We've survived the end of the world at least 5 times just in my life time.
We've lived through natural disasters, Terrorist attacks, corrupt government, Losing people, Ect.
Yes take things seriously, but don't play it up to a hysterics....
The world isn't ending yet.
It ain't over till it's over people.
and also on the other hand side of this....people quit freaking out over stupid things that aren't going to matter next week!

12. Careless words and actions.
Careless words and actions hurt us over and over....we need to freaking think before we speak and do things.
Our lives aren't our own because everything we say and do effect the people around us.
Your words can build someone up or break them down....it's your greatest weapon you can use it for good or for evil.

13. Hate.
Self hate, Self loathing, Self Judgement, Judgement of other people, Racism, Grudges, Ect.
all of this Both hurts you and other people.
Hate is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die....it doesn't work out the way you plan it to.

14. Gossip
Goodness, High school never really ends does it?
Gossip and talking about people behind their back...like are you serious? why do people do this? specially when pretty much all of us have been on the wrong side of this and we know how bad it feels to be talked about...yet we still participate in it weather we are the one's talking about it, Listening to it, Or knowing it's happening and not trying to put a stop to it.
Stop doing it, and if you hear it and know the truth speak the truth and tell people to stop! and even if they don't at least you did what you could.
It's the least you can do.

15. Self Centeredness.
I'm not saying don't take care of yourself because you should, but your life contrary to popular belief isn't all about you -_-
The secret of life is people change people right?
that's what you are meant to be doing, making a difference in other peoples lives and that's easy to do when things in your life are going good and your feeling positive and strong but something i try to do when i'm feeling all self centered and having a pitty party because things aren't going my way i try to do something good for someone else and it make me feel better most of the time, and even if it doesn't sometimes if's about channeling it into something productive despite how you feel.

16. Lies.
Don't lie to or about people.
That's an obvious one....because we all hate being lied to or about, it's right up there with the whole gossip thing.
Speak truth even if it's a hard truth to speak....
And then beyond what concerns other people....don't lie to yourself, know who you really are both the good and the bad and don't lie to yourself because if you tell a lie long enough you'll start to believe it.

17. Knowing what's right and not doing it.
I think we all know the things we should do, the right things that are set out in front of us in our every day lives and i think that it's wrong to know what is right and to choose not to do it.
It's not always easy...sometimes it's just out of laziness, sometimes the right thing takes us into unknown territory and it's scary, sometimes it's outside of our comfort zone, sometimes it's just outside of our current desires (that can go back to our additions or vices)
My Dad has said to me that sometimes the hardest thing you'll ever do is the right thing.
He's not wrong....but that shouldn't stop us from doing what we know is right.
Life is to short to not do everything we can to grow and learn and become the best people we possibly can.

What are some things you want to leave in 2017?