Princess Nikki

diary of a broken girl
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2017-12-30 20:36:33 (UTC)

miss you bubba

I miss you little bro I miss being able to go outside and chase you around the yard. I miss seeing that smile on your face when we would wrestle. I miss the way you would hug me when you were about to go home, you would hug me as if you didn't want to leave. Like you wanted to stay at my house. I miss you so much, I haven't seen you in almost 5 years now I miss my little brother. I know you'll never see this , and I'm sorry about the life that you have to live down there. It's bad I know. I just wish you would have stayed with me I may just be an older sister to you that you never get to see or talk to but it's not my fault. I have all your pictures from when you would bring them to me. I have them hanging in my room right beside my bed. I just miss you and I know you'll never believe me when I tell you that your grandmother is lieing to you about me. but she is. I promise me not seeing you isn't my fault ive asked to call you ive asked to text you ive even tried to get my parents to let me pay you an uber to get up here she wouldn't let me but I promise you lil bro as soon as I can get a job and as soon as I get my license I'm coming to see you no one is going to stop I love you and I know you may not believe me but I'm your older sister I'm your family your being lied to by the people up there I mean honestly do I look like a demon from hell to you ? like they say I am! yeah I know everything that they are telling you. it's all lies if only I could see you again id give anything to have you live with me you'd have a better life then you do right now ill be getting a job in about 7 months once my work permit comes in I could and I would buy you everything you ever wanted we would go for lunch then ice cream like we use to do as kids well when I was a kid at least I cant believe everything they are telling you there is a reason that your mother doesn't bring you down anymore she is wanted for drugs in this state and lord knows else I just want you to be happy don't be broken I don't want to see you hurting if only I could call you and talk to you that would mean the world to me they are lieing to you I promise you when you get older you will find out because the truth comes out a little at a time it always comes out sooner or later and if you want when I see you again after I get my license I can show you all the legal shit that proves I'm your sister I have seen it I know your my little brother I want the best for you I want you to be happy and I'm so sorry I wasn't there when your girlfriend cheated on you I'm sorry I wasn't there tp beat the living fuck outta her you deserve so much more than her yes I know you have broken up with her keep it that way she doesn't deserve you bubby if the times comes that I do see you again it will be the best day of my life yeah your sister here use to be a good girl well high school changed me lil bro I punched a kid in the mouth for talking shit about you when I haven't even seen you in almost 5 years I will do worse I just didn't want to get in trouble at school cause id be dead when I got home but I love you lil bro please live a good life and be happy
yours truly