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2017-12-30 17:22:18 (UTC)

baby dont cut

Baby Don't Cut is a song by B-Mike it is one of my favorite songs. It's about a boyfriend who is trying to get his girlfriend to try to stop cutting herself. The girl is being bullied at school, and she feels that the blade she holds is her only friend. He is trying to get her to promise him that she won't cut. As things start going better at school for her, things got worse again and she ended up going home and she broke the promise she cut herself 4 times. Her boyfriend had a bad feeling in his stomach so he went to her house, and when he found her laying in her bathroom floor he rushes her to the hospital and the girl ends up dieing from the cutting herself

Suicide is a real issue and you should never ever cut or kill yourself I don't care what the circumstance or situation is don't cut. someone will be glad to talk to you about what ever it is that is making you feel down and depressed enough to cut yourself. If you need to you can go to counselling there are so many things that you could do in stead of cutting. God gave you your life for a reason don't take it for granted. live it and enjoy it. I promise things will get better. I serisously doubt anyone Is reading my entrys but if you are I promise it will get better suicide is NEVER the answer

I hope I have helped someone <3

Yours truly