diary of a broken girl
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2017-12-30 15:56:41 (UTC)

The Ending

Well its finally here, The end of yet another year. I have to admit this year has been pretty good. I went on a 1 week cruise to Bermuda with my sister. It's crazy there it definitely wasn't what I was use to. Where I live every one drives on the right side of the road, in Bermuda they drive on the left. Here, we stop to let people cross the road, they don't they just fly right down the road. If you want to cross the road you have to wait until RARELY someone is nice enough to stop and let you cross, or until there are no cars coming and you can cross. The cost of the food there was honestly outrageous I mean don't get me wrong Bermuda is a beautiful place it's just not somewhere I would be able to live or afford I mean a simple hamburger was $30 just a plain hamburger only ketchup cost me $30 plus my sister just got the same thing I did because the food prices were so bad. I don't know how the people that live there can afford it honestly. The stores there aren't as bad I got a bottle of coke for 98 cents. The cruise ship I was on was huge, it was also the biggest ship I had ever been on, I have been on two cruises. The ship had everything it had restaurants, it had a bar, a casino, it had 2 bars actually one was where the pool was the other was on a different floor I mean they had an entire floor just for a bar like that whole floor was a bar. It had buffet which always had desert at the end of the day they always had some sort of cake. During the day it was the normal lunch food, they had brownies and cookies during the day. I mainly stayed at the pool with my sister. The room me and my sister was in was really small like barely big enough for 2 people, but it's okay we were barely in there during the day, like I said we mainly stayed at the pool. My boyfriend at the time (I wasn't with the one i'm with now) lets call him Corey. I couldn't text him during that whole week, because I wasn't going to pay an extra $300 for wifi on board. To go on a cruise is already expensive enough without having to pay an extra 300 for wifi. So when I got off the ship once we were back home I turned on my phone and I was about to text him and let him know I was home well Corey right he was blowing up my damn phone accusing me of cheating i'm not the cheating kind I have been cheated on and I would never do that to someone else he didn't break up with me he just wanted me to say sorry. like why would I say I was sorry for something I didn't do so I broke up with him and told him I would never cheat and I told him to not come back to me again like he use to do because I was tired of all these different things that he was saying I did. but that's the end of my cruise story so next was I went to Colorado with my mother and step father it was fun we went and climbed mountains but it was also really freaking cold. Like I'm talking you have to wear big huge jackets and like 3 gloves cold it was crazy but it was fun we built a snowman and I named him snowflake. Then to make the ending of my year great I found the love of my life and 4 days will be our 3 months together.
yours truly