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2017-12-30 15:27:20 (UTC)

race wars

First I didn't even know what race wars was until I met my boyfriend back in October. Everything that I know about race wars he taught me. He does race wars I just ain't never watched him on T.V. because he is most likely to win. When someone wins they get surrounded by a bunch of girls in bikini. I'm not the jealous type most of the people he hangs with are girls, but I draw the line when they aren't wearing clothes, or are barely wearing any.

Now last night I tried to be supportive I searched for it on T.V. but I could not find it, I don't know what channel it is on. So I googled what channel it was on and I couldn't find anything. Later on today I might ask about the YouTube channel. Yes he worries me a lot when he does it but he will be okay and I know that now. Last night was actually the first one he has done since we have been together I believe. Even if it wasn't I know he loves me.

yours truly,