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diary of a broken girl
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2017-12-30 13:41:42 (UTC)

my life story

So if your reading this get comfortable and pay attention because my story is kinda complicated. I won't be using real names in this just because its a lot going on. Here we go. So my legal mom is my mom she's had me ever since I left the hospital. Lets call her Janice and so my biological mom sorry to say it but she is bitch. lets call my biological mom kim and when I was born (I was premature,I was born at 7 months) but when I was born kim only thought of herself I had to stay in the hospital but kim decided to take off 10 hours away from where I was I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I was almost an abortion I'm glad I wasn't I love my life I even have found the love of my life but that's beside the point back to the story so my legal mom was pretty mad and my biological dad was even madder later down the road court happened because my biological mom was on drugs and so in court my biological dad stood up and told the judge that he wouldn't be able to take care of me and my biological dad signed off on where his mom has custody and is legally my mother so I found out I was adopted it kinda hurt to know someone didn't even want me to begin with but its all good because my legal mom is my mom and shes the best she has given me everything I've ever wanted in life I have to admit I'm pretty blessed and if you that's all I've been through it's not I guess I could go on and tell you so I was growing up living the best life I could ever have been when I was 8 my dad died and it took me months to get over it I was so close with him I was a daddys girl and I always will be a daddys girl then later on my aunt dies when I was 13 then I turn 14-15 my uncle died and my uncle was my ride or die later down the road my freshmen year of high school comes I get into big trouble and have to go to counselling I did and my counselor told me hes surprised I haven't killed myself he said most people in the situation I was in would have killed themselves by now but look I'm still here I'm still going on and I don't ever plan on killing myself to me I just have too much to live for I got to live for my family I got to live for my friends my boyfriend everyone I care about and all this isn't even half of what I've been through but no matter what happens I know I can get through it well guess that's all for now I will write again later
yours truly