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2017-12-30 13:16:13 (UTC)

Japaneasy - Collating, PT1.

Japaneasy PT1.
So, here I sit, in Japan with a working holiday visa. I wonder where the possibilities will take me, but also worry about my life decisions. I'm not really one to worry, in fact, in England I'd always figure fuck it. Running late for a meeting? Shit, I'll take a 5 minute smoke break then I'll start getting my shit together. Sure, this means I'm even later than I would have been, but if I'm already late, what difference does 5 minutes make?

Yet in Japan, after applying for a job and doing the back and forth exchanging passport and visa details, I eagerly await my starting date and time. Now, this isn't something I should even be slightly anxious about, yet I feel more anxious about this than anything in my life to this point. I believe this is mainly due to working nights my entire life and this new job I'll be starting at 11 am (with the possibility of starting at 10 for an extra hour).

I currently live roughly 2 hours away from where my job will be (walking) which is one or two cheap routes to get to work, the second being cycling. This means waking up extremely early for someone that has worked nights for the past 12 years. I'm even unsure about cycling to work, getting in peoples way, having to avoid the busy streets of Japan to get to work, understanding the roads etc. I find this too busy for my brain to process.

So I can either walk to work, or find an alternative method of transport, which will probably be a train close to Tokyo and then walk 30 minutes to get to work. Not the most cost effective route, but it's one I'm considering - especially while the weather is fairly cold. Even though I've spent 3 months in Japan prior to obtaining my visa, I still don't really feel like I know anyone. This is okay at the moment and I'm not really expecting to gain the friendship of others when most of my days are spent at home currently.

The main reason why this work will be good for me, getting to meet other people and actually wake up early in the morning and enjoy life. This is something I've always wanted to do, for example; Yoga in a park or near a cliff side at sunrise, to really get me on my way in the morning. This is something I want to start doing, and is something I will, start doing. I just need the motivation to actually do these things. Which again, having to wake up nice and early, hopefully this is something I can start doing.

I also want to reduce my current inventory. This is something that I'll be looking to invest in during my time working in Japan. I'm currently supporting a 20L backpack and in my opinion, it's the perfect size - I'm able to fit all my possessions with a very tight amount of wiggle room.

I also want to learn the Japanese language - something I'm not really taking seriously yet. I find the Japanese language to be difficult and writing to be even more difficult, so I assume I won't get writing down in the year I have here. So my main focus will be speaking Japanese. I have over 8 hours of spoken 'lessons' so to speak, so that's something I need to sit down and do, like right now - or at 6 am, go for a walk for a few hours and see what I can learn and remember.