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2017-12-30 12:17:58 (UTC)

Leave and take me with you.

Sometimes I forget that you're a person too. With your own opinion and thought process. Thinking about it actually makes me feel weird. I go about my day in a specific way, think and feel in a specific way. Do you think and feel the same? Or are your scripts different? If I don't kiss you for awhile, are the results the same?

I'm feeling lost at the moment. Like my future has no meaning. I wouldn't say I'm scared of where the future may or may not take me because I know that you'll be by my side. I know that you are my future, I just thought I'd be in a better place by now though. Both emotionally and financially.

You have my emotions in check. Hell, you're the reason I've been feeling so emotional as of late. Shit, the realisation that without you I'd literally have nothing. I'm pretty sure that without you grounding my life right now, I'd be in a very worrying position.

I feel alive, you were my ecstasy it's you that I'm craving. I feel alive, you were my energy so why do you hate me?