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2017-12-29 19:58:34 (UTC)

No sunscreen

Forgot to wear sunscreen again so won't be back at the pool for a while. Mom's orders.

No kids. That seems fair enough. My brothers are already stressing me out enough alrrady. So,I don't think I'll be ready to have kids anytime soon. I've been drinking nothing but water. Theirs this 30 day workout app that I've been lacking on and need to get back on it ASAP.

I never been this sore in my entire life. That was a lie. Its a good thing yhough these 15lbs I have to lose. I know I'm not fat and all but still I wanna stay in shape. " Keep my figure" as they say it.

Writing is just a way to relieve stress. I know I'm only 18 years od age but it could happen.


The Forgotten One