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2017-12-29 06:01:44 (UTC)

Procrastination and Binge watching

Mood: AHHH
Song: None
Color: Orange

So for the better part of today i was active and productive and got the things i needed to get done done.
But this evening i have binge watched the last season of Vampire Diary's i'm only a few episodes from being finished with it, and i've had this thing in my head, i'll write when i finish this episode, and then don't and then i had to take the puppy out and looked at the time and realized that there is only 23 minutes left in this day and i haven't written and therefor i would have not written today there for not writing....
You see this thing that i fall into?
Doesn't matter weather i'm super busy or doing nothing but mindlessly watching TV....distractions of all kinds lol
I was also going to draw Tonight....but that hasn't happened either.
I want to finish this episode but i also feel bad for wasting an evening on this instead of writing or reading or drawing or something that was good and productive, creative ect.
On the Up side though i feel i do have to say that i don't binge watch things very often i have to be in a particular mood to watch things and to watch a bunch of anything, (which is why i'm only now watching the final season of Vampire diary's i know i'm behind the game lol)
so...with that being said i don't feel as bad because it's not like i do this a lot.

Tomorrow i'm hanging out with Estebaliz and that should be good, i need to finish drawing her Christmas present and wrap it before tomorrow afternoon when i see her.
( i know it's after Christmas but it's not actually a late present as i knew i wouldn't see her until after Christmas anyway.)

Amber is currently telling me about the mouse her cat maimed and the mess it left on her carpet and how angry and upset she was about it that's gross and frustrating...so i don't blame her a bit...she called her cat Satan and sent me snap chats of angry bit moji's with fire and such.... lol

I don't typically write down the sorts of conversations i had with people and little things like this but i think i might start doing it because it's part of my day's and part of my life and i want to look back on these entry's and remember the conversations i had with people that i care about...not just my worries and vents and strong willed opinions that i usually write about along with the writing challenges and poetry.

I want to write things that will be worth while to look back on.

Amber and i have made a dealt that when we're together if mice are involved i'll handle it because that's her irrational fear and she'll deal with the spiders and bugs cause that's my irrational fear.
I was saying to her that yes, it's an irrational fear, they aren't going to hurt us but that doesn't make the fear go away of feel any less valid or intense and it frustrates me when people belittle people for being afraid of something....That's not to say i've never freaked someone out with something they fear *Frogs* *Ostrich's* ect. and it can be funny to watch someone freak out for a minute but i would never take it too far or never intentionally take it too far because i know what it feels like to be afraid.

Okay that's enough randomness for now.....