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2017-12-28 17:52:28 (UTC)

Holding my breath

Should have had two closings today. Then one fail apart...maybe both of them. I am suspecting that these so called "investors" do not
have a pot to piss in......and we have been wasting our damn time. So, today, I went ahead and prepared the folder with all needed
forms in case I get to list a house after going to lunch with some friends tomorrow. They were supposed to move out of the house
he bought in '12 and move into the one he and his new wife bought and remodeled. So, If that is the case, and he does not have
a renter yet...I may be able to help him sell it....he has no idea that I can and hopefully get some cash in his pocket now...instead
of having to rely on a renter.....

Fingers crossed.

My friend...the one that wasted a lot of my time giving her advice which she does not take...was asking me about a house up
the street from her...that is larger and is listed for twice what she thought hers was worth. She had already looked it up on line
and looked at the photos..then asked me if I would take her to see it....knowing she is not going to buy it. I do not mind showing
property or going to see them if they are vacant. But knowing that there is a appointment to be made, so these people can
take out the pets, find somewhere to go...etc...I said no. I am not doing that.

If she wants to sell her house...I can tell her what the value is....without inconveniencing someone else...or having them
under the impression I have brought in someone who is qualified and ready to purchase their house. I do not.

Anyway.....I am washing clothes....catching things up today. I cooked breakfast for us...and now waiting to see if
the boss had a closing or not....I really want one to go through....I hate to have to explain taking out 400 bucks
or so out of our savings account.....without putting in back. I hate that. Lecture coming.....and yes
I was about out of money....
one account had 65 cents in it....the other one was running low.....fixes all that now....
just praying it does not cost me a day or two of lectures