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2017-12-27 21:45:51 (UTC)

Chilled Day

Mood: Happy
Song: My wish by Rascal Flats
Color: copper

It's cold, like below freezing and it feels like 13 degrees...It was cold last night but i didn't notice until this morning when i woke up and my room was chilly and i didn't want to leave my blankets to go turn up the heater...but i did. That is the struggle lol
But it's been a good day so far, I've Baked cookies with Tara and Emma, Played with the puppy "Lucy" named by Emma After Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia, and listened to music loudly and sang along while baking.
It's really the perfect day to do stuff like this because it's so cold and miserable outside...and really last night and today were the first genuinely cold day's we've had thus far this winter, i mean it's been weirdly warm...but that's Oklahoma for you, crazy unpredictable weather always.... you have no idea unless you've lived here.
We've gotten snow, rain, tornado's and hot sunny day's in the same week and i'm not exaggerating!

It's relaxed and it's cold...it's a chilled Day.
Definitely the kind where you curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and read a book and get lost from the world for a little while...maybe i'll do that in a little bit. :)

Dad has a Doctors appointment today in the city which does make me nervous because it's just more news that's going to depress him because he's still sick and he still has to have surgery and nothing is fixed yet and he was going on about the heart issue saying he needs to move around and do things to help his lungs but doesn't want to make his heart race...which annoyed me because he's regressing, we already know that the heart racing is just the irregular heart beat something he has to learn to live with as it's not dangerous or life threatening and isn't caused by activity....we already know this but he was like "i can't do this because of my heart" and i just stared at him for a second before saying we already know it's not caused by activity and he got all smart and was like "Oh we know do we? you become a doctor all the sudden?" and i'm like it's happened randomly weather you were being really active or doing nothing and we've been told by doctors that it's not caused by activity.
And he just rolled his eyes and thankfully his phone rang and that conversation ended...i was so frustrated! like are you kidding me????
You are literally going back to things we're already passed! you know this and yet your acting like you don't? like what the heck.
He told me last night that he was depressed....and i just responded deadpan "well that's normal this time of year" not giving the OMG reaction but also not discounting what he's feeling.
i don't know what he's doing/Thinking. *Shakes head*